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Australia baking industry to speed up the layout of the Chinese market

Author: Source: Date:2016/9/19 9:35:32 Visits


From cheese to cake, from the store "honeycomb layout" to "express delivery" ... ... Australia "baking corps" is accelerating the layout of the Chinese market.

    In recent years, the baking industry in China flourished, bread, cake has long been integrated into Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-line city office workers daily life, and the majority of second and third tier cities are also ushered in the rapid expansion of the industry.

    "20 years ago when I came to China, Beijing, Shanghai and other places are used to the bread, buns as breakfast, and now, even Nanning, Kunming, Guilin and other second and third tier cities, 80, 90 after the family also like Eat bread, cake, drink milk, coffee, which is the letter 'just need.' "Australian Baking Association nutritionist Richard Kevin that the next 5 to 10 years, China's bakery industry will enter a rapid expansion period.

    The Australian Bakery Association and the Association of Agricultural Products have noted the good momentum of the development of the bakery industry in China, including George Weston Foods, the Australian Bakery Industry Association, and the Australian Bakery Industry Association, vice president of the China-Australia Bakery Industry Association, Yan Liping, said at the China-Australia Bakery Industry Development Forum in Nanning, Guangxi, Goodwood Fredler Food Company, including a number of well-known Australian baking business is actively contact the RT-Mart, Nancheng Department Store, Bread Xinyu and other regional brands, hoping to enter the Chinese market, participate in the Chinese counterparts in the city " "Layout plan.

    "We hope to participate in the layout of the cities in the southwest of China through technical exchanges," said Grant Dave, project manager for the investment department at Goodman Fiedler.

    Unique taste is one of the main reasons why Chinese consumers favor Australia's bakery products. In the case of cakes, Australia's cakes are mainly made from whole-fat cream, fresh saxa liman cheese, lemon and orange juice, and are processed and frozen. The freshness, color and taste are in the global cake industry It is unique.

    It is understood that the Australian Oz cake director Justin Wood Cook has just signed a cooperation agreement with Sichuan Sea Amoy International Trade Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, in Australia just do the cake will be frozen to save, after long distance cold chain transport, arrived in Chengdu and Chongqing.

    China Bakery Industry Association executive vice president Liu Keyuan said that with the accelerated pace of life and taste changes, Chinese consumers on the pastry, pizza and other baked goods demand is rapidly expanding. "Daoxiang village, good luck, Jin Paradise and other brands every year to open a new store.

    "In 2015, the company plans to open 12 new bread and 10-15 hi cheese." Only in November this year, the company opened a new store, the company opened a new store, The number of more than 16.

    According to the Australian Dairy Industry Association predicted that the next 5-10 years, the Chinese market demand per capita dairy will show explosive growth. Over the past 1-2 years, high-end liquid milk growth of more than 25%, is expected to 2017, high-end liquid milk in China, the proportion of liquid milk will rise to 32%.

    According to the free trade agreement signed between China and Australia in June this year, China's dairy products and agricultural tariffs on Australia will be substantially reduced and eventually zero. This will undoubtedly bring great business opportunities to the Australian business.

    Yan Li-ping revealed that the China-Australia Bakery Industry Association is seriously studying the adoption of low interest rates and the RMB international "dividend" to speed up the Australian baking industry in the Chinese market layout pace. "We are working closely with our peers to build ways of working from raw materials to product innovation, from store expansion to financial support for the whole industry chain," he said.